Happy New Years, Easter and April Fools day!


By Madame Dana Zia
Yesterday, March 30 was Good Friday and in the ripple of the Libra full blue Moon which happened today (March 31st) at 5:37 am. Good Friday is the day that the Christians honor as the day that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the many, then to rise again on Easter Sunday to show us that there is truly life after death. This theme is an old one that has been celebrated in many ancient cultures and religions and is woven together with the comings and goings of our solar system. This year Easter is a blessed event being illuminated with the full Moon that is the second blue Moon this year and our last one till 2020! Plus it is happening on April fool’s day, which is tied into all this star stuff too.

Let’s start with Easter Sunday, which is figured out by it being the first Sunday after the full Moon, that is after Spring Equinox. Spring, astronomically speaking, is the Sun resurrecting from the winter to rise at our equator creating equal days and nights. Where the Sun rises at our equator on Spring Equinox is the “vernal” equinox occurring in the sign of Aries.
The Sun “rising from the dead” has been the time “New Year’s” was celebrated in many different cultures and religions as far back as history goes. This was true even in the western world, till the 16th century, where New Year’s was celebrated from March 25th through April 1st. Then in 1582 AD, Pope Gregory XIII introduced a spiffy new and improved calendar for the Christian world, and in this calendar (now called the “Gregorian Calendar”) the beginning of the New Year was changed and was declared to fall on January 1, more closely aligning the celebration of the new year with the birth of Jesus Christ.
On top of that, ten days were deleted from the calendar and this change caused the vernal equinox (the first day of Spring) of 1583, and all subsequent years, to occur about March 20 or 21st. As you can imagine, people didn’t change an ancient tradition that fast, so they kept on partying the New Years at the end of March ending on April 1st for quite some time. These folks were called “April fools”. (Now you are ready for Jeopardy right?)
The Full Moon in Libra will bless this April Fool’s day with the calming balm of the qualities of Libra which is the peacemaker, negotiator, conscious equal collaborative relationships and diplomacy. For those of you that are gathering with friends and family on this holiday, this soothing group oriented energy will be there for us to employ. This is important to note because there will be some angst and judgement in the air with the Sun and Mercury conjoined in fiery Aries, and Saturn and Mars conjoined in Capricorn squaring them. When you feel yourself getting judgmental, feeling judged or just bored and feel like stirring the pot with negativity, just take a big deep breath, step into peacekeeping mode and let the gathering be sweet. Sweet like chocolate eggs and cotton tailed bunnies. Happy New Years, Easter and April Fools day!