Heart of Cartm Celebrates One Year in Wheeler

August 1st, 2022 marks a full year of operating The Refindery, a creative reuse store, in downtown Wheeler. The Heart of Cartm, a nonprofit 501c3 formerly known as CARTM, operator of Manzanita Transfer Station and The Refindery, has fully transformed the way it carries out its mission. Leading the Community to Zero Waste is big work, which CARTM began in the early 90’s. “Now,” explains Jessi Just, Heart of Cartm Executive Director, “instead of operating the bailing machine and packing semitrailers full of recyclables, we are exploring different ways to stay ahead of exponentially growing waste piles.”
Zero waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention with the goal of no trash going to landfills, incinerators or the ocean!
Heart of Cartm focuses on encouraging reuse and repair as effective ways to reduce trash.

The organization opened their new creative reuse store August 1st of 2021 and have since expanded to include a rescued books room and a workshop. They also hosted Trash Bash Art Festival, a hugely successful fundraiser and an incredible display of found object fun.
Thanks to a recent grant from Tillamook PUD, Heart of Cartm is able to purchase some necessary tools and equipment to upgrade the workshop space for creative reuse classes and the popular, Repair Cafe, a monthly event where expert fixers can diagnose and repair your jewelry, clothing and small appliances.
 “Many long-time residents and visitors, are grieving the loss of a transfer station that dared to operate differently,” explains Just, “CARTM truly understood waste as a valuable resource for our rural communities. I want folks to know that they can still support us and our courageous vision. We have a lot of fun and revenue from The Refindery pays our bills!” Heart of Cartm organization still believes that waste products are valuable resources. They have certainly kept the fun and funky vibe in The Refindery. Vintage display glasses can be found on decoy ducks and googly eyes on foam heads. Store staff will tell you stories about the treasures you find.

“Telefishion” by Kim Koch and Jessi Just. A vintage Hoffman television, rescued from the Trash, is now a revolving art exhibit in the center of The Refindery.
So, if you are in need of a little humor, some inspiration, art supplies, furniture, tools or a special gift, shop The Refindery. Make a statement that you support these long time zero waste advocates and let your friends know that The Heart of Cartm is still beating.
On this year anniversary of their transformation, the Heart of Cartm Board would like to recognize the founders, first board members, dedicated volunteers and supporters of CARTM who envisioned a community which redistributed and utilized its waste products as valuable resources. “Their delightful balance of hard work and creative play has been the foundation of this organization’s mission for over twenty years,” Just exclaims. “We recognize the critical importance of community-building systems based on sustainability, care of resources and artistic expression and are deeply committed to continuing work within this model.”
The Refindery, located in downtown Wheeler, is open Thursday through Monday, Noon to 6pm. Material donations are accepted Thursdays and Fridays. Visit the support page at www.HeartofCartm.org to learn more about acceptable materials, make a monetary donation and to tell us you want to be part of the fun by volunteering.