Heart of Cartm Celebrates Transformation and Winning Designer, Preparing for Trash Bash in May

Heart of Cartm is delighted to announce Sally Salkowski as the Trash Bash Art Festival poster design winner.  Sally will receive $500 for her colorful design depicting a model wearing a Warhol soup can print-style dress and a trash can hat. “I was visualizing Trash Bash and all the colors, textures and creativity,” Sally explains. “The community spirit that fuels this event was my inspiration.”

Cartm recently invited artists to submit advertising poster designs that would best depict our beloved annual Trash Bash. Seventeen designs had been received when the contest closed last week. A committee of Cartm board members and Trash Bash organizers chose the winner, Sally Salkowski of Grand Rapids, MichiganSally told us about herself,  “After 23 years of teaching design, I switched careers this Fall and started my own little graphics studio named Design Fixr. The intent of my work is to help people fix design problems through teaching and creating design that is approachable, thought provoking and fun.”

Trash Bash Art Festival event has undergone many changes since its humble 1999 beginning at the Manzanita transfer station. The 2022 event will celebrate these and the organization’s great transformation process.

Heart of Cartm encourages the use of discards as a resource with their mission to reimagine waste. Sally’s poster proudly advertises this mission, and the fundraiser for rebuilding the Heart of Cartm organization.

You are encouraged to celebrate transformation among the awe-inspiring magic of art and costumes made entirely from discards at this year’s Trash Bash Art Festival May 12 – 15, 2022. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on! Let the Heart of Cartm team know now that you want to be part of the show. Visit www.heartofcartm.org