Help Advocate for Faster Internet by Taking a Quick Speed Test

St Helens, OR— In a grassroots partnership among Oregon Economic Development Districts (OEDD), Onward Eugene, SpeedUpAmerica and Link Oregon, a statewide effort to improve internet access called Faster Internet Oregon has been launched. The initiative includes a quick one-minute speed test that will help identify gaps in Oregon’s internet services and inform the development of broadband infrastructure initiatives. We are asking all Oregonians to test their speeds as soon as possible at

Specifically for Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, and Western Washington County region, the Columbia Pacific Economic Development District (ColPac) is leading a push to encourage residents to take the speed test. Currently, the only data we have for the availability and speed of internet connections is inaccurate. With enough tests in the region, we can use this data to advocate for internet infrastructure funding to improve fast and affordable internet services. Since federal and state funding applications are already available, it is imperative for Oregonians to take the speed test. The internet test can be found on Faster Internet Oregon’s website, When testing, please be sure to test a home internet connection, not cellular and no VPNs. If you do not have a home internet connection, reporting no internet access at a location is also possible and can be done via a cell phone.

Data privacy is of the utmost importance to the campaign’s partners. No personally identifiable information beyond the test participant’s address will be stored and address information will not be available for public viewing nor be used for commercial or marketing purposes. Only the campaign partners and public decision makers who have signed a data privacy agreement can view the detailed data map created by the tests to help advocate for internet infrastructure projects.

“This mapping effort is a critical early step towards creating a compelling case for internet infrastructure development in our region. I encourage all residents in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, and Western Washington counties to take this less than one minute speed test. Your contribution will help us strengthen our case to develop an accessible, fast and affordable fiber internet system in our region. Please also consider bolstering our efforts by sharing Faster Internet Oregon with your friends, family, and neighbors.” said Ayreann Colombo, Executive Director of ColPac.

Take the Test Here:

Faster Internet Oregon is supported by: Link Oregon, Lane County Government and the following Oregon Economic Development Districts: Columbia Pacific Economic Development District, Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District, Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments, SOREDI Foundation, and South Central Oregon Economic Development District.

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