Help Lance & Tammi Re-build Their Barn

By Laura Swanson
Third generation farmers Lance and Tammi Waldron are the people that feed our community. We truly know where our food comes from and the farmers that grow it. They are one of the original Tillamook and Manzanita Farmers Market vendors, and their Lance’s Farm Vittles are available through Food Roots Marketplace and Wild Grocery. In mid-July, the farm experienced a devastating late night fire that destroyed the feed barn. The community is coming together to help restore the barn, lost equipment, feed and more — costs that insurance doesn’t cover.

Please help if you can and share the GoFundMe link,
Find Lance and Tammi at the Manzanita Farmers Market on Fridays and their products on Food Roots Marketplace and in local grocery stores.

Here’s a profile from 2010 for Oregon Coast Today featuring local farmers market vendors:
Profile: Lance’s Farm Vittles
By Laura Swanson
As we often travel Miami-Foley Road, admiring the fields, and the flocks of sheep at Lance and Tammi Waldron’s farm, I’ll comment about getting one of the lambs. My daughter will become very excited, thinking we are getting another family “pet” … not likely – I’m talking about putting the lamb in the freezer. Yum!
It started a couple generations ago when Lance’s grandfather established the dairy farm in the 1940’s with a herd of milk cows and a few beef cows. Lance started selling beef and pork to neighbors while he was still in high school. It’s grown from there, mainly driven by customer requests and the demand for locally-raised meats. “We’ve seen a steady increase,” says Lance. “We’ll continue to expand, and anticipate the customer needs.”
Lance’s Farm Vittles offer grass-fed beef and lamb, suckled veal and milk-fed pork to customers at the Manzanita and Tillamook Farmers Markets, other local grocers, and by appointment at the farm. No hormones or antibiotics are used on the stock and no chemicals or fertilizers are used on their pastures. Beef, lamb, pork and veal are sold as wholes, halves and a variety of individual cuts are available, and sold fresh frozen. Chickens are sold as whole fryers/broilers only. They also sell raw fleece, hand spun and machine spun yarn, felt and batting from the Icelandic sheep that are sheered twice a year, providing fleeces of all colors.
Lance’s Farm Vittles can fill your freezer with a variety of delicious local meats that are humanely and naturally raised, providing that peace of mind knowledge about where your food comes from, and supporting local businesses. To order your beef, lamb, pork and chickens, contact Lance and Tammi at 503-322-2226.