“Henry’s Burger Day” – Offshore Grill Fundraiser for Henry Gernert Scholarship Fund – May 6th


Offshore Grill owners/chef Jake Burden and Michelle Burden, since the tragic death of Henry Gernert have wanted to do something special to honor him and to show the community’s love and appreciation for the Gernert family. Knowing Henry’s love for elk hunting and burgers, on Friday May 6th from 11 am until the elk supply is depleted, Offshore Grill will feature an elk burger meal with all proceeds from sales going to the Henry Gernert Scholarship fund. “The Henry” – bbq elk burger with white cheddar, arugula, tomato, onion and black pepper mayo with choice of French fries, sweet potato fries or mac salad – for $18.00. Join us on Friday May 6th from 11 am until the elk burger is sold out.

Offshore Grill is located in downtown Manzanita at 154 Laneda Avenue, for more go to www.offshoregrill.com or follow us on Facebook.