Highway 101/6 Project Update – 10/4/17

By Sierra Lauder, Director of Events and Downtown Development, Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce

As promised, the new bridge rails are up and very hard to miss! Bridge news this week is that while pedestrian access is still closed, much progress has been made and things appear on target to open near the end of the month. On the west side of the bridge area, where the new bridge is being built, the large machines are all in place. Impressive excavation has occurred, and the drilling is set to start late this week.

On Pacific, local landscaping contractors Bros and Hoes are setting pavers this week, and electricians are installing more the permanent fixtures, including crossing signals at Third and Fourth Street. This brings us a step closer to the removal of the temporary posts that are responsible for some of the odd guy-wires that we currently see in the area.

Along Main, footings in the new vault were poured and are setting now, while the new walls are being formed to be poured this afternoon. Attention will turn to the next two vaults on the street, while concrete cures there. Business access to Sunflower Flats, Annie’s Country Sportswear, Everything Pets, Tangled Yarns, and the now open Pacific Restaurant will be maintained, and anyone who goes to visit those businesses during this time will have an awesome view of the intricacies of the project. Approximately two weeks from now PUD will be shutting off the street lights in the construction area along Main during the transition to the new light poles. The number of storefronts along Main will help continue to light the area, but as we go through town in the evening we will likely be extra aware of the shortening days.

Luckily, the weather has continued to hold out despite the change of seasons. Contractors have really taken advantage of this prolonged clear weather, and progress is happening quickly in each area of the project. While there are many reasons to feel frustration, annoyance and even doubt, may I encourage us as a community to strive for patience and look for solutions. It has been a hard week in the world, and our struggles, while real, are fairly fleeting on the broad scale. Conversations with local business owners like Nelia at Pacific Restaurant, Natalie at Sunflower Flats, Dennis at Homelife Furniture, Linda at the Little Cheese Coin-Op and Tom at Diamond Art Jewelers keep me hopeful and enthusiastic about both this project and world at large. The best thing about our downtown is the people- hope to see you soon.