Highway 101/6 Project Update – 7/25/17

The immediate news is that this Thursday night (July 27th) paving begins on the new stretch of Pacific between the intersection with 1st street up to the new bridge. If you’ve been through that intersection recently in the last few days, you may have had time to notice the growing pile of rubble from the old post office wall and the rapidly appearing curb work.

A week ago, it was still easier to visualize through a drawing, but this week the future road span is evident. Expect flagging and delays along with the night work as the final curbing and grading takes place along the east side of Pacific to the south of the new paving.  

The completion of that new stretch of Pacific leading to the bridge means that it will be time to adjust to a new traffic pattern. There are some serious last-minute negotiations to take in to consideration, and the leadership team is still hammering out the next temporary traffic pattern. We anticipate a finalized traffic pattern for this next stage of construction prior to the striping early next week, which we will forward along as soon as we have it, but in the meantime: BE CAREFUL! Police Chief Terry Wright urged me to relay how critical it is for all drivers in the area to be extremely focused as we travel through the construction area in the coming months. New road, new routes, new striping, new arrows, lots of cars on the road- constant vigilance!  

Night work and paving this week
New traffic pattern coming next week
Be VERY careful with coming changes

Hopefully all of this sunshine has you grateful for this beautiful place, and gives you an opportunity to get out and walk around downtown to explore some of the completed sidewalks. I feel lucky to work right in the heart of it, and have the opportunity to watch the progress day by day. If you have any questions about the project, or would like more information about aspects of the project send me an email or swing by the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce- the Visitor’s Center is now open Monday-Friday 9-5 at 208 Main Ave.