Highway 101/6 Project Update – 8/16/17


The rest of August is dedicated to finishing touches on Pacific Ave., focusing on finishing curbs and sidewalks, drainage details, grading, paving, and striping. Expect lane closures on Pacific the next few weeks and lots of night work the rest of the month as crews scurry around to make up for time lost as they step away this Friday through next Tuesday in an attempt to clear as much space as possible for highly anticipated eclipse traffic.

The priority is to finalize paving on Pacific from 4th St. all the way over the new bridge in preparation for the fall transition that will bring the demolition of the old bridge. That will mean another change in traffic patterns, which will be released around Labor Day. In the meantime, please continue to drive carefully and attentively through the construction area, watching for lane closures.

Next Wednesday, August 23rd, the liners will go in the bioswales (large pits) that have been created on the east side of Pacific Ave. Immediately following the installation of those liners, perforated pipe will be added, and then graduated fill will be placed. Unfortunately, the decision by some to throw trash and cigarette butts in to the bioswales has led to citizen concern and frustration- while the addition of the rock will be an unlikely deterrent for determined litterers, it will make cleaning out the mess somewhat simpler.

Another new facet of the project will begin next Wednesday, August 23rd, as crews begin to tear in to a large vault on the corner of Main and 3rd, near the front door of Sunflower Flats. This marks the beginning of what will be a nine-month presence of the contractors on Main. Sunflower Flats and all Main Street businesses will be open during this period, and access to the stores is assured.

I’ve attached a very brief highlight list in calendar format as an image up above. Hopefully this is helpful in visualizing the upcoming construction schedule. We welcome any input or questions you might have about the project and the coming schedule- hope to hear from you soon.

No construction during eclipse weekend (Friday-Tuesday)
Lots of night work
Lane closures for paving
Filling of bioswale pits
Work starts on 3rd and Main in front of Sunflower Flats- Sunflower Flats remains open.