Highway 101/6 Project Update – 9/6/17

South of the bridge:
Parking on Main will be closed from First to Fourth and barriers will begin to go up in front of Sunflower Flats, Annie’s Country Sportswear, Everything Pets, Tangled Yarns and Pacific Restaurant (opening soon).
Third Street will be closed to all westbound traffic until Stillwell. No right turn on Third from Main.
·Pedestrians will need to utilize the services being offered by Tillamook County Transit to get north of First St.
The schedule is available at http://www.nworegontransit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/TCTD-Brochure.pdf. After hours, call: 503-457-7009 to schedule a shuttle pick up.
Traffic on First Street between Main and Pacific will become two-way **NOTE: Follow the lights and arrows hanging with the lights. Striping has gone down ahead of the traffic switch in spots and can be confusing.
·Front St access from Main will be closed.

This is the new footprint for traffic south of the bridge during the fall/winter phase of the project. Please be advised that there will be additional flagging and detours at times as construction efforts focus on certain areas. For example, you will likely experience flagging and traffic disruption in the intersection of First and Main at the end of this week and early next week as the manhole in the center of the intersection is being replaced.

North of the bridge:
Access to Rosenberg Builders Supply will change dramatically in the coming months. The south entrance will close entirely for construction in that area, and all traffic will need to enter and exit the north entrance. There will be a buffer area available to assist in pulling in and out of that entrance. Later in the winter, construction will shift north, and the southern entrance will be the access point. The old Dairy Queen lot north of Rosenberg’s will be a materials storage and staging space for the contractors as they demo and reconstruct the southbound portion of the new bridge.
On the east side of the highway, crews will be working steadily to complete the sidewalk, curbing, and gutters that will reopen the area to pedestrian traffic. That work is anticipated to be wrapped up by mid-October.