HOFFMAN CENTER -Art of Horticulture: Second Annual Manzanita Day March 31st

Last year, for the first time in Manzanita history, a beloved plant got its own holiday.

“Whereas: the City of Manzanita has proudly shared its name with the beautiful shrub, manzanita, for more than one hundred years…”, the proclamation stated, “I, Mike Scott, Mayor of Manzanita Oregon, hereby declare March 31st Manzanita Day.”

One year later, the idea of a March 31st holiday is looking particularly inviting. Who can argue with a neighborly, non-partisan celebration of the shrub that spells home!


So here’s what we’ve got going on for Manzanita Day 2021

1st prize – this gorgeous watercolor interpretation of an unusual manzanita by artist Bonnie Kost
2nd prize – an hour-long private garden consult with plant expert Ketzel Levine
3rd to 10th prize – a manzanita! 


How to Kill A Manzanita and other Dark Tales from the Wonder Garden

What’s a Manzanita Day without some good shtick? (Or is that sticks? Yikes). This year’s speaker is our own Ketzel Levine, curator of the Hoffman Wonder Garden and a nationally recognized plant expert. For reasons too well known, Ketzel’s talk will be on Zoom, March 31, 2021 from 4 pm-5:30 pm

Here’s the Pioneer’s Video Tour of the Wonder Garden from 2020: