Hoffman Center for the Arts Clay Program presents two workshops in October with potter Kristy Lombard

Tillamook ceramics artist Kristy Lombard will teach two classes in late October.
The first is a Lino Cut Stamp Making session:
Sunday, October 20 | 10:00am – 4:00pm
Tuition $45 | Materials $20
Whether you are a potter or print maker, creating linoleum cut stamps with your own personal patterns is gratifying. Images may be simple or complex; big or small. They may be used individually or in sets. The possibilities are endless. And the great thing about the stamps is they are fun to make and re-useable.

What will students do and learn:
Block or relief printing is a great transfer technique for any kind of image, text or design you want on your work. Whether simple or complex, finished linocuts can even be the finished works on their own. When inked with underglaze or slips, you can use the blocks to print directly onto clay or push them into the surface for embossing. Linoleum or lino, as it’s commonly called, is flexible.
This course is for those who are interested in creating texture and interest using stamps on clay, paper, canvas, fabric or pretty much any surface. No experience required.
Students will learn techniques and tools for creating interesting and functional stamps using linoleum block and a variety of drawing and cutting tools.

Second workshop:
Textures and Glazes
Sunday, October 27 | 10:00am–4:00pm
Tuition $50 | Materials Fee $15
Hoffman Center Clay Studio

Kristy Lombard

Potter Kristy Lombard takes her pottery design to another level when she combines meticulous hand-building techniques with her original stamps for texture and then adds her hand at expert glazing . The result is a perfect mix of functional and energetic ceramics.
Kristy says “the essence of the work is details—not complicated but carefully crafted and well executed.”
In this workshop, Kristy will share secrets of creating lively and interesting works using texture and color.
Students are encouraged to take Kristy’s first October workshop, the lino cut stamp making class, at the Hoffman on October 20. This is not a requirement.
Kristy will share her secrets of success from the moment the bag of clay is opened until the glaze firing.
Students will learn tips to prepping clay, creating appropriate surfaces for texture and glazes and processes using texture and glazes for maximum results. Focus will be on creative use of the materials and processes for individual and polished results.
Hoffman Center for the Arts is located at 594 Laneda Avenue in Manzanita, OR
To learn more about Kristy Lombard, visit https://www.kristylombard.com/about
For more information about this and other clay program classes, visit https://hoffmanarts.org/clay/upcoming-clay-classes-events/