Hoffman Gallery April Show – Featuring Works of Sherrie Wolf & Mary Roberts

The Gallery Presents Hoffman Gallery April Show

Featuring the works of Sherrie Wolf and Mary Roberts

Open Friday through Sunday | April 2-25 | 1:00-5:00pm
Free and open to the public
Hoffman Center for the Arts | 594 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita

Sherrie Wolf
These artworks represent two of Wolf’s lesser known bodies of work.

“Histrionics” (Hand-colored etchings)
The colored prints are photogravure etchings, one of which (Zebra with Fava Bean) was initially commissioned by the Cleveland Art Museum Print Club. The print was a limited edition for their membership and the artist’s personal inventory.  The other 4 etching in the exhibition are a suite of prints titled HISTRIONICS (2015).  The prints are hand-colored by the artist and all are limited editions.

“Found Paintings” (Black & White paintings) 2019
Departing from her usual studio still-life settings, Sherrie Wolf’s Found series (2019) celebrates random images and observations gleaned from travel. The artist captured the organized chaos of antique malls, garage sales, and thrift stores here and abroad in England and France. All the new work is in black and white acrylic on yupo paper, focusing on the shapes of light, shadow and rhythmic patterns. Wolf’s use of counterpoint and polyphony emphasizes the entire ground equally, rather than one element in particular, resulting in spellbinding compositions. Artwork courtesy of the artist and Russo Lee Gallery.

View more of the artist’s work here: https://hoffmanarts.org/artist-portfolio-sherrie-wolf/

Mary Roberts – Shape and Surface

This is a collection of functional wheel-thrown vessels in subtle seacoast colors and textures.

In Shape and Surface, my aim is elegant and modern: round, oval, angular, often brought to conclusion by exaggeration: a diminutive or elongated neck, platters impossibly ample, bowls coaxed upward or folded. Each energetically lifting off the base, clean, assertive, and new. The Pacific Northwest coast inspires each surface – delicately lined shells, sculpted driftwood, fissured bark, overcast skies and granite rock, incandescent spring growth. Subtle and understated.

All are food and dishwasher safe. View more of artist’s work here: https://hoffmanarts.org/artist-portfolio-mary-roberts/