Hoffman Gallery May Show – May 6-29; Opening Reception May 7 – Snap into Spring Featuring Photography & Ceramics


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Pioneer readers will recognize one of the featured photographers, Don Backman is one of the featured photographers.  Be sure to stop in at the Hoffman Center to see the myriad of images and ceramics bringing Spring.

Hoffman Gallery May
May 6–29 | 1:00-5:00pm
Opening Reception May 7 | 3:00-5:00pm
Fridays through Sundays

Gallery is free and open to the public
Hoffman Center for the Arts | 594 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita

Featuring the photography of Bryan Churchill, Don Backman, Loren Nelson, Gregg Goolsby
and Ceramics by East Creek Friends of the Fire

Snap Into Spring

Bryan Churchill

“Art and photography have been a life saver for many during these strange and challenging times.  As we break through the clouds of a difficult winter and “snap into spring,” creativity continues to keep many of us sane and connected within ourselves and the world around us.”

Don Backman

“Leaves appear, trees bloom, and flowers arise almost magically everywhere.  Grass grows and it’s time to mow again.  Spring has arrived on the Oregon Coast! The past two years have been trying times, and I have found that capturing images has helped bring the beauty of nature inside and given people a reason to smile.”

Loren Nelson

“Although autumn is my favorite season in which to photograph, spring is a close second! The graceful and sensual forms of flowers, leaves, and other visual treats in our natural world, have always fascinated me. Until recently, I made all my photographs with a 4X5 view camera and printed the resulting negatives in a traditional darkroom.”

Gregg Goolsby

“It’s Spring, and oh, how we have been longing for your return!  The awakening of all  lifeforms are cued by the warming days that chase away the dank darkness of winter. Monotone coastal fog diminishes ever earlier in the day, permitting the sun’s strengthening rays to tickle the canopy of trees that grow to the sky.”

East Creek Ceramics Group – Friends of the Fire

Works by: Dwayne Sackey, Eli Pilkington, Lew Allen, Lori Allen, Sam Newman, Joe Robinson, and Aubrey Sloan

Learn more at https://hoffmanarts.org/events/may-2022-gallery-show/