IN MEMORY OF JAN MARKLE: Family Donates Bench to Manzanita Visitors Center

From Dan Haag:
Since the Manzanita Visitors Center opened in 2014, we’ve been blessed with many wonderful volunteers. On Saturday May 29th, we were touched to receive a bench and plaque honoring one of them, Jan Markle. Jan volunteered regularly with us from 2014 until she passed away in 2018. The little memorial was donated by Jan’s husband, Don (pictured) and welcomes visitors at our entryway. It is a loving tribute to a beautiful person who made everyone feel welcome the moment they set foot inside.

The plaque reads: “In Community, We Are Family… Explore, Laugh, Enjoy The Waves, Sun, Sand And Ocean Breezes. In Memory Of Jan Markle, Manzanita Visitors Center Volunteer, 2014-2018.”