In support of Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner

Having had the opportunity to sit in on some group discussions with Mary Faith Bell I have been very impressed by her demeanor and her genuine concern for the issues facing Tillamook County.
In these times of cynicism and distrust of government, at all levels, I believe that we are best served by people who have demonstrated, by their past commitments and actions, an investment in bettering the lives of the citizenry.

Mary Faith Bell has worked in the local press (as a reporter, then editor for the Headlight Herald) bringing light to the issues facing our communities. She invests considerable personal time on the Tillamook Bay Community College Board of Education in active support of educational opportunities for students of all ages who want to further their education. Currently she works at the Tillamook Regional Medical Center supporting our primary medical facility’s efforts to improve our county’s mental and physical health through internal and external communication programs.
This combination of work and volunteer efforts tells me a lot about where Mary Faith Bell’s priorities are and who she is. When I hear her talk about the issues we face as a county I hear an outgrowth of the diligence she brought to these work and volunteer efforts. She does not pretend to have all the answers. She strikes me as someone who will carefully consider everyone’s opinion but not necessarily jump on the bandwagon of the loudest voice in the room. She understands that these issues are complicated and we have to work together to craft the best solutions for our community.
As hard as campaigning for office may be, I think it pales in comparison to the execution of the duties if elected in a time when people expect services they are not willing to support financially at the ballot box. I believe that Mary Faith Bell is more than up to the task. She strikes me as someone who will ask questions, then carefully consider the facts, the governing laws, and various opinions seeking consensus whenever possible.
I have faith that Mary Faith Bell has the appropriate background to serve most effectively as our County Commissioner because she has demonstrated a selfless commitment to our collective well-being and she has the temperament to serve our best interests.
Join me in voting for Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner. There is no hidden agenda here…her commitment is to what is best for all of us.

Anne Price
Pacific City