Dear Editor,

For those of us fortunate enough to live in the Nehalem Bay Area, NCRD is a community treasure. North County Recreation District is where we find pre-school and after-school programs, summer camps, a fitness center and classes, an aquatics program, adult activities, community theater, and invited professional performances. Housed in a beautifully renovated elementary school building, NCRD offers something for everyone.

For 15 years NCRD has operated on the same tax base. The 5-year renewable tax levy, on the ballot this November 6th, is again at the same rate. With a “Yes” vote, we have the opportunity to renew our commitment to this remarkable community resource.

In answer to a couple of common questions: 1) The tax base is NOT an increase; our taxes will NOT go up. 2) The operating tax levy supports existing programs; it will NOT be used for the new pool.

Please vote “Yes” for NCRD this November.

Gail Young