Independence Day Safety and 911 Calls – Use non-emergency number for fireworks complaints – 503-815-1911

By Gordon McCraw, Tillamook County Emergency Manager
Tomorrow (July 4th) is a day to celebrate the independence of the United States. It is a Federal Holiday and is known for being a time that folks can get together and have a BBQ or picnics or just to get together with friends. Independence Day celebrations also often includes fireworks, both public shows and personal use ones. With regards to personal fireworks, there are some safety concerns. The two big ones are injury and fires. Fortunately, we have had some rain recently, so the fire dangers are not as great as they were last year this time.

This also brings to mind another issue that surfaces this time of year, the reporting of fireworks concerns to 911. The 911 District experiences a large number of fireworks related calls during this period. They ask that you not call 9-1-1 for fireworks complaints, unless there is an active threat, injury, or a fire starting. Instead, call the non-emergency number of (503) 815-1911 which will leave the 9-1-1 line open for emergencies. Remember also that because of the volume of calls, and manpower levels, the officer’s response times can be affected.