Introducing … Madame Zia – Mistress of Astrology

Editor’s Note:  We are pleased to introduce our regular astrology column brought to you by a dear Pioneer friend, Dana Zia.  Dana is well-known to many in Tillamook County for her delicious recipes as the Golightly Gourmet, and we hope to have an occasional recipe or two from Dana as well.  “Madame Zia” is devoting more of her energy to astrology readings.  So join us to get some wonderful insight about astrology.  For more about Dana’s astrology practice, like her on Facebook – Dana Zia Astrology. 

Hello Tillamook County Pioneer readers! My name is Dana Zia, AKA “Madame Zia” mistress of astrology.  I have been diligently studying for decades the mysteries of the planets and stars and how they weave into our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways. When we are born, the planets and stars were aligned in the sky in a very personal way that is very intimate to each of us. We have this map of the heavens imprinted on our lives that can guide us in very powerful and effective ways…..if we know how to interpret it.

That is what I am here for! I will be coming to you here bi-weekly (to start) to help interpret what is happening in the sky and how that affects us here on this beautiful green marble of Earth. I will also be writing about astrological holidays and how to use the energy of the stars to enjoy life and map and meet goals. So let’s get started!

Today is May 1st 2017. Happy May Day and Beltane! May 1st has long been a day focused on fertility celebrated by flowers, feasting and frolicking. This ancient cross quarter holiday is a deeply rooted Pagan Sabbath that occurs midpoint between Spring and Summer. The true astrological Beltane occurs on May 5th at 15 degrees Taurus and is a powerful gateway in which to plant your hearts desires, whether they be in the ground or in a womb.

It is fitting that this earthy and sexy holiday occurs in the sign of Taurus which the father of astrology, Dane Rudhyar, calls the sign of the pulse of life. Taurus is the sign that the sun is in from April 21 through May 21. Taurians are well known pleasure seekers that make a point of drinking deeply of the aliveness and pleasures of the earthly plane. They are well known for loving food, soft pillows, love, flowers and all things beautiful.

Taurians can be very stubborn but it is good kind of stubborn, well most of the time. They demand results through powerful strength and persistency that can pull the plow through the deepest of mud to plant the seeds of beauty. They want everyone around them to enjoy the delights of Earth as much as they do and they will work hard to make it happen. Sometimes they get stuck in the mud of their own vision and forget to ask for help or to entertain others ideas that might actually work better than their own plans. I always advise Tauruses to keep on open mind, stop and chew their cud before refusing the help of others or their ideas.

This brings us to a very important and sometimes passed over trait of Taurus and that’s intimacy. Intimacy is a very important part of Taurus and exploring deep personal intimacy during this cross quarter holiday is holy and opens the gateway to higher esthetics. No matter what your sign is, open to self-love for Beltane and celebrate in some very intimate way, either with yourself or another. Plant your seeds for self-love, intimacy and earthly delights this next 5 days. And BTW this is an excellent time to plant your vegetable or flower garden. The new moon was last week and the waxing crescent moon combined with Beltane season creates a fertile time to plant!

I am also available for Astrological readings to help you learn more about yourself and your personal map of the stars that is imprinted on you. Contact me at for readings and questions.