It’s Tillamook County Fair Time – Wed. 8/7/19 and Thurs. 8/8/19

The 2019 Tillamook County Fair is in full swing and community members have shared a wide variety of their favorite photos with the Tillamook County Pioneer.
Years (too many to count) of covering the Fair, this Pioneer editor realized that you wouldn’t be able to tell, from year to year (accept by the ages of the kids) the highlights as my “favorite” views always included lots of 4H exhibits, animals, local organization booths, and the occasional midway ride photo.
The best way to get a true view of the Fair was to reach out to our readers — send us YOUR photos and favorite parts of the Fair. The best way to see the Fair is through the eyes of our community.

Here’s a sample of the photos we’ve received so far … send your photos to or via Facebook messenger, or post to our Facebook page ….

Oh the anticipation! Jessica Pastega Bush took this photo that shows the awe and eager anticipation to get to the Midway rides.

Every year the Bales Burckard families select a winner in Open Class who’s entry best follows the Fair theme.
A first for us to pick a winner from Jr Artistic in Floral.
We never know the winners is only revealed after the selection .. so a surprise to all.
Congrats to Kaci Averill, 8 years old a third grader at South Prairie.
Kaci is the daughter of Carrie & Aaron Averill
Granddaughter of Irene Koch and Jo & Don Averill.
She gets a big ribbon and $200.00 dollars.
The award honors our two families.
George Burckard Plumbing and Emmett
Bales Construction were totally involved in the building the current main building which opened in 1925.
Congrats Kaci Thank you for sharing your talents with the 2019 Tillamook County Fair. Leslie Vaughn Burckard