“I’ve been thinking” … Codger Power

By Jim Heffernan
Who’s up for a movement? I am!
Bill McKibben (the environmental guy) inspired me by an editorial he wrote in NYT praising Neil Young for telling Spotify to not use his music anymore because of the anti-vax garbage Spotify posts from Joe Rogan.
He dropped the term “Codger Power” and it struck a nerve with me.

There’s a lot of us “codgers”, and we have the time and we have the money (the Silent Generation (1928-1945) and Boomers (1946-1964) control 70% of the wealth in this country).
I think the time is ripe for “Codger Power”. I fervently believe if all the “Codgers” put our voices together, we can cure a lot of what ails this nation.
After all, a lot of us can clearly remember when America was “great” and when we could all agree of what was true and what was not. A lot of us even remember friendly conversations about politics. Maybe we didn’t agree totally about “truth”, but at least we were in the same universe.
If you’re up for this, you can find a sympathetic ear at codger817@gmail.com. Hopefully, together we can find a way forward.

I think we owe it to our planet and to our grandchildren and their children.