Jobs and a Healthy Environment are not Mutually Exclusive – Elect New Leaders, Debbie Boothe-Schmidt for House District 32

We all want our families to be able to have reliable, good-paying jobs now and in the future. But the corporate interests behind Timber Unity PAC, along with Koch Industries and other large corporate interests, have created a false choice in rural Oregon: either economic prosperity or clean drinking water and air, healthy forests and thriving wildlife.
These corporations want short-term profits that leave our communities with fewer jobs. Mechanization of logging and mills has greatly reduced the employment that the timber industry historically provided.
That’s why we need to elect new leaders like Debbie Boothe-Schmidt to be our voice in Salem. Her opponent, Suzanne Weber, is endorsed by Timber Unity PAC.
Debbie will work to ensure that rural Oregon has the reliable, good-paying jobs we need. And she’ll help ensure that we have the clean drinking water and air, healthy forests and thriving wildlife that we cherish, now and in the future.

Nadia Gardner
Tolovana Park, OR