Join us casting your vote for Walt Porter for County Commissioner

To whom this may concern:
Walt Porter, life-long resident of Tillamook County, has our vote for County Commissioner. We are confident Walt has the best interests of the County at heart: He loves and respects this place we call home. Walt is approachable; he listens to all concerns and has a common sense approach to our County’s issues gleaned from a lifetime of hard work as a self-employed farmer as well as his involvement with his community on various boards and committees.
Honest, reliable and straightforward, Walt understands the challenges facing Tillamook County and is excited about our opportunities ahead. We believe Walt will act on his deep understanding of our home and its people when working toward responsible decisions for our County, keeping her vital and viable.
Join us in casting your vote for Walt Porter, County Commissioner, Position #3.

Mike and Cindy Gardner
Ted and Linda Jacob
Pete and Deniel Jacob