Join Us in Re-electing Mary Faith Bell

I am writing to urge voters to join us in voting to reelect our Tillamook County Commissioner Mary Faith Bell. Mary Faith is intelligent, respectful, honest and a gifted problem solver. The role of County Commissioner is all about relationships and Mary Faith has the skills and character to work with diverse groups to find creative solutions to the challenges we face in Tillamook County. She has support from individuals in all walks of life throughout the county. Mary Faith has a long list of the qualities needed to bring those of competing views to the table to find common ground. In the last four years, she has proven herself an exceptional leader. Her work ethic and broad knowledge base are unsurpassed. But the single most important quality she brings to the table is her ability to listen. If you have ever had the pleasure of spending time with her, you will see she has the ability to truly listen to others. In today’s world this is a quality that is often in short supply. Tillamook County is very fortunate to have Mary Faith as our County Commissioner. Please join us in reelecting Mary Faith Bell.
Norm and Frances Hartwell
Rockaway Beach, OR