July 31st Public Presentation of Tillamook County Tourism-Related Facilities Investments Strategic Vision and Action Plan

The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners and the Tillamook County Futures Council invite the public to attend a presentation by project consultant Future iQ regarding the future of tourism investments in Tillamook County.
July 31, 2019 – Board Meeting at 10:00 a.m.
Commissioners’ Meeting Room A, County Courthouse, 201 Laurel Avenue, Tillamook

The tourism industry in Tillamook County has been recognized as a key economic driver. However, there has been increasing public concern about the impacts of ‘over-tourism’ and increasing visitation levels. Following a series of community listening sessions hosted by the Futures Council in 2017, Tillamook County’s commissioners sought to better understand citizens’ priorities and community values regarding the growing tourism economy.
In early 2019, Tillamook County hired Future iQ to develop a future-looking strategic action plan to guide tourism-related facilities investments in Tillamook County. Building upon past planning efforts, Future iQ has facilitated extensive citizen and stakeholder engagement to identify how future investments can help the County meet the multiple goals of reducing negative impacts and congestion and deliver ongoing value to local residents. Future iQ’s data-driven approach has resulted in a clear understanding of citizens’ values, perspectives, and priorities for future investments. A draft strategic plan and decision-making tool that helps align project priorities with community desires was presented to the public in early June for feedback.
Future iQ will present their final report and recommendations to the County Commissioners on Wednesday, July 31 during the weekly Board Meeting held at 10:00 am in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room located at the County Courthouse, 201 Laurel Avenue, Tillamook.
For more information about the project, visit http://lab.future-iq.com/tillamook-tourism-investment-strategic-action-plan/.

The Tillamook County Futures Council is an advisory committee to the Board of County Commissioners charged with encouraging citizen involvement in issues that relate to Tillamook County’s Vision 2020 and communicate the citizen’s priorities and perspectives back to the commissioners. The Futures Council accomplishes its mission by convening community conversations, facilitating citizen and stakeholder engagement, and assimilating broad-based citizen input to inform decision-making.