Kids Christmas by NBUMC – More Wish Lists to Fill

By Patty Rinehart, NBUMC CHILD volunteer

As many of you know the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church (NBUMC) has been gathering Christmas presents for kids. The program is called “CHILD” (Christ’s Hands In Loving Devotion) clearly stating the intentions of the program. This program is meant to provide Christmas presents to children whose parents are unable to stretch their dollars that far. These children could be yours, your neighbors, or children whose parents are working but money is going for heat, rent, electricity, all the necessities. Our Nehalem Bay communities have been most generous with their giving. We do have a few tickets, late in coming, and I would like to ask you to help out just a little more. Please do what you can. Checks are also a good idea if you don’t have the time to get out and shop. Address below.

Here are the wish lists – please drop off gifts – UNWRAPPED – at Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church at 36050 10th St., Nehalem, or contact Patty Rinehart at to arrange pickup:

Girl age 12 asking for a skateboard and helmet. In the clothing department she is asking for pants, size 14, tops medium size, underpants size 10, jacket size large and shoes size 7.5.

Boy age 9 asking for Minecraft clothing. Pants size 9, medium size briefs, large size jacket, tops and sweatshirt medium size, and shoes size 5.

Boy age 12 asking for a bike and helmet. Shoe size 10, large size jacket, large size tops.

Girl age 3 asking for puppy dog pals, anything princess, coloring and painting supplies. Pants size 4T, toddler size pull ups, jacket 4T, top 4T, shoe size 7.

Boy age 14 asking for clothing, jacket, tops men’s XXLg, and shoes size 11.

Boy age 16 asking for clothing, jacket and tops men’s large, shoe size 9.

Boy age 17 asking for clothing, jacket and tops men’s large, shoe size 9.

Boy age 15 asking for clothing, men’s medium size, 32×34 pants, he like tan or khaki color, Vans shoes size 10 and a hoodie.

Girl age 6, size 7/8, shoe size 2, favorite color pink. Size 10 jacket, gloves, boots, underwear and socks.

Girl age 9, size 8, shoe size 2, favorite color pink, jacket , sweater, pj’s , and pants.

Boy age 14, AT&T phone card.

Boy age 5, favorite colors orange and blue, size 5/6, shoes size 2, jacket, hat, gloves, boots, pj’s and Legos.

Socks and underwear are always needed. Sizes for both boys and girls, ages 6-17.

Toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent always a big item.

The Tax ID number for the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church 501(C)3 is 93-0412492. The mailing address for Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church is PO Box 156, Nehalem, Oregon 97131.
The Lion’s Club in Rockaway Beach packed up 37 Thanksgiving Food Boxes. They will also be doing food boxes for Christmas. Their mailing address is Rockaway Lions, PO Box 611, Rockaway Beach, Oregon, 97136. A phone number to reach them would be either (208) 305-8886 or (580) 583-5619. Remember we don’t want these kids to go hungry while on Christmas break.

Thank you to all who have already donated – it takes a village (or three.)