Kudos to Manzanita Planning Commission for Rejecting Hotel Project

I have often noted where I think the city leaders have fallen short. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that, in its meeting this week, the Planning Commission got it right when its members unanimously rejected the proposal for the Loft Hotel on Dorcas and Classic.
Denise Lofman and the Concerned Citizens of Manzanita, who pulled together in short order, were impossible to ignore. This was a grass roots movement at its finest. The Planning Commission devoted 5 hours to that meeting and, not only did they listen, they allowed people to talk over the time limit to make a point.

As a candidate for mayor who favors open dialogues, town hall meetings, voting, and citizens coming together like they did on this Dorcas Lane proposal, I was uplifted that the net result was the preservation of what is a neighborhood.
Deb Simmons
Candidate for Mayor of Manzanita