LAITY CONCEDES RACE FOR HOUSE DISTRICT 32; Thanks Supporters for Hard-fought Campaign and Commitment to Positive Elections.

From the beginning of this campaign we knew that the only way forward was to come together, to run in every corner of our communities and to be grateful for every conversation– no matter party, residency, citizenship, or who we love. With you, we worked to find solutions. With you, we fought for a brighter future. With you, we built a stronger community.
There are still votes to count, but it is clear that the final tally will not be the result we worked for. I spoke with Cyrus to acknowledge his success and celebrate the democratic process. Our success depends on bringing together every person in our north coast communities, to find our strengths and apply them locally.

I’m grateful to all of my friends, volunteers, and community leaders who forged a campaign of optimism; to my supporters who proved corporate donations are not necessary; and to my family for being my rock over these many months.
“I continue to be optimistic for our home, because we have a spirit of community that withstands even landslides, floods, and the freak tornado. I promise to continue to advocate for our home, and I invite you to join me.
Finally, I want to thank the election workers in every county: Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook, from the Clerk’s office to every deputy, volunteer, and janitor who facilitates our Democracy.

Onward, together!
Logan Cai Laity