Let’s Keep Him

I’m speaking of Commissioner David Yamamoto. I give this endorsement from a person who has been there and done that for the twelve years I had the distinct privilege and honor to serve as a Tillamook County Commissioner. Best job in the world and I believe David thinks that too. Yep, he’s not perfect. None of us are. Yep, he may have upset some of you at times but I would bet most of you think he’s doing a good job as I do. I come at this letter of support for David from a unique perspective having served and being able to watch and work with David over the years I have known him. He has the knowledge, skills and abilities to continue to serve. He’s learning all the time and he has produced tangible results for Tillamook County. He’s passionate for sure but that’s a good trait when you are fighting for Tillamook County. Another thing I like about David is he’s non-partisan when it comes to solving problems. Most of Tillamook County’s issues aren’t Republican or Democrat. They are problems that need to be addressed and solved. It’s also not about whether he gets credit for solving problems. In other words, it’s not about David. It’s about getting the job done and he has done that and should be granted by your vote another four years of doing the good work for the citizens of Tillamook County. Let’s Keep Him!
Mark Labhart
Sisters, OR