Letter to Editor: Concerns about Logging in Oceanside Watershed


Dear Editor,

I have major concerns about the Short Start harvest plan in the Oceanside watershed set to begin in June. SLIDO maps for this area are indicating an active slide area, or indicating an area highly likely to slide thus endangering residential areas. ODFW lists this area as home to native trout; and Short Creek flows into a Federally-designated protected wildlife area! The spraying which follows cuts such as this kills not only plants that compete with the lumber company’s monoculture tree farms, but endanger or kill wildlife and drift from the spraying is very toxic to humans.

Clear cuts such as the one proposed in Oceanside destroy the biodiversity of forests. The climate crisis we are experiencing should remind us all that the forests of the Pacific Northwest are the most important carbon collectors on the planet, even more than the Amazon Rainforests.
With the high likelihood of slides in the area, the damage to the Oceanside watershed, and the dangers of polluted waters and run-off from spraying the area afterwards, how can ODF allow this to proceed? Stop allowing the destruction and poisoning of the forests surrounding our homes!
More information can be found here:

Glenna Gray