Letter to Editor: In Honor of Marjorie Christensen


Tillamook County has lost a faithful and devoted public servant. Judge Marjorie Christensen served as our Justice of the Peace for eighteen years, and was a well-respected judge.  Her passing this month is a great loss for all of us.  
        During her tenure, she heard nearly all traffic cases in the county, as well as all fish and game violations, small claims and landlord tenant disputes.
        In addition, she heard all misdemeanor cases and held preliminary hearings on all felony cases.
        She was the last Justice of the Peace here who was not a lawyer.  Yet, she tirelessly kept up to date on the law, and attended many law conferences and classes.  There was always a stack of the latest Oregon appellate case decisions on her desk she was reading, and her knowledge of the law was highly respected by the lawyers appearing in her court.
        Judge Christensen was a patient listener and brought her life’s experience as a mother, businessperson, and bookkeeper to the bench.  She meted out justice with not only devotion to the law, but with compassion and understanding to people appearing before her.  
        It was common for her to take home two briefcases bulging with traffic tickets every evening, and she was always gracious when police officers and prosecutors woke her up in early morning hours to apply for search warrants.  
        Her passion for her work and her interest in being just and fair served as a model of excellence and high professional standards for every lawyer in Tillamook County.  
        I had the privilege of appearing before Judge Christensen for many years, both as a defense attorney and District Attorney, and I always appreciated her keen ear for the truth and her passion to always do right with everyone who appeared in her court.  
        She set the bar for excellence for Tillamook County judges and lawyers, and her influence continues today.  

Neal Lemery
(retired Justice of the Peace)