LETTER TO EDITOR: Serious Situation in East Beaver Creek Valley

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your ODF’s fire danger alerts.  It is a serious situation and one which I hope people will take seriously and act accordingly.

We have a, potentially, dangerous situation, here, in our own East Beaver Creek Valley Community, involving a couple who moved from Portland 2 years ago, and have been living in their RV and shipping container on remote properties, with no water supply, septic system, or power, other than the use of a full time gas generator and propane.  NRFD has refused to issue them a verification letter guaranteeing them fire protection, because of all of the above reasons.  The statement made to the Planning Commission by Tillamook County Department of Community Development was that the couple has, lately, “been working along with them.”

Unbelievably, Tillamook County Department of Community Development, namely, Land Planners, Hilary Foote, and Sarah Absher, with the Director Bryan Pohl, combined, have 3 times issued approval to this couple for them to continue to live in this unsafe manner, despite the opposition from the majority of Community members, who appealed their decision, and several County agencies, including NRFPD.  Not to mention that all of the Tillamook County incorporated townships prohibit any camping vehicles on private lands for public safety and health reasons, as well as environmental concerns, such as a threat of fire. This Planning Commission approval gives the couple the right to call their camping vehicle, a “permanent residence” even though they won’t provide a valid mailing address! 

Not only does the Community fear the consequences of this dangerously ill advised decision, but as I said above,  the Planning Commission, on August 31st, 2017, upheld this insane DCD decision to allow this couple to live in this unsafe manner, against the appeal of more than 10 community members, most of whom are professional, and one of whom is a forester with ODF, presently, supervising the Horse Prairie Fire, as mentioned in the ODF article!

Perhaps, you, like we, might question the sanity of those County officials who turned a blind eye to reason and safety and the wants and  preferences of the majority of people in the Community, and voted against their own ordinance,  The Tillamook County Comprehensive Plan, which states” the aggregate of the  wants and preferences of a Community outweigh the wants and preferences of one individual on one parcel of land.”  And, perhaps, you, like we, might question why those County officials decided to put the wants of one individual, who has shown contempt for his neighbors, and the laws, codes, rules, and regulations, and just decided to do as he pleased,  live in his RV, pay no property taxes, or even tax to the DMV!

If you realize this couple had been issued citations for violations and have lived illegally, for the majority of the time, then were issued approvals by the County officials mentioned above, you, too, may wonder why these County officials, County Planning Commissioners, and County Commissioners still have their positions. 

If an accidental fire starts on those properties, which abut the Siuslaw National Forest lands, then, an entire Community, ours, could be destroyed, as well as the National Forest.  But, in their insane “wisdom,” these County officials decided to not care about those issues or the safety of our residents, wildlife, or forest lands.  Now, you know.  Perhaps you may want to contact the County Commissioners, Hilary Foote, Bryan Pohl, and Sarah Absher in the Department of Community Development to find out why and if a situation like ours, could soon be coming your way!  After all, if this ” RV as a permanent residence” case stands, you, too, may experience the same scenario in your Community.

I should know about this situation, as I was the Appellant in this case opposing the County.  I am not the only loser.  The entire integrity of our County institutions is in peril after such an irresponsible decision was rendered last Thursday night.  We can only hope and pray that our Community doesn’t  experience a catastrophic wildfire because of the result. 


Fauna-June Fauth
21690 E. Beaver Creek Rd.
Cloverdale, OR  97112