LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Election Integrity Statement from Tillamook County Democrats Officers


TILLAMOOK, OR, September 24, 2017:

Following the elections in November 2016, the chairs of the two largest political parties in Tillamook County released a joint statement, calling on “the members of our parties, and the members of our communities, to work together, rather than fall into the traps that pull us apart. Whether as members of the governing majority or the loyal opposition, we cannot let hate and discrimination divide us. Respect and dignity should lead us in our daily lives.”

The elected officers of the Tillamook County Democrats hereby declare that our commitment to integrity has not waivered, and we continue to support transparent elections, as well as factual, informative, and dignified methods of educating voters on issues, both local, regional, statewide, and national. We strive to inform voters in our county through informative discussions of issues, and we will not resort to negative campaigning or derogatory remarks about those with differing informed opinions. The voters of Tillamook County have the right to gather information without biased surveys or misleading interest groups disturbing that process. We put our name on our publications, and we stand behind the information we distribute.

David McCall, Annie Naranjo-Rivera, Karin Mahurin, Jacob Van Buskirk The elected officers of the Tillamook County Democrats

As proud Tillamook County Democrats, we support and elect Democrats who share and fight for the ideals, values, and policies that improve the lives of all Oregonians. We inspire and strive for civic engagement, and provide access to and transparency in the political process at all levels.