Letter to the editor: We need a new roof on the barn

There is no question that Tillamook County is a beautiful place with a history of strong, creative and intelligent people. From the earliest settlers, these attributes, along with good common sense ,have created a community which has survived and thrived against all odds.

We’ve seen some tough times but after each we settle back in. Something new will always come up. Mother Nature takes her toll here but this time it is an election with requests for taxes…and this one is all about issues which are already part of our daily lives.

We already pay tax for our schools, library system and Veteran’s Services. Why? Because they are essential to our everyday lives. We knew it when we first voted for these programs and they are more important today than ever.

County Measures for the library and Veterans Services Program are operating levies. The systems are in place. The levies will not increase per-thousand tax rates. They will pay to continue operation of these two valuable resources and they deserve your support. I urge you to vote yes for these operating requests.

Tillamook School District No. 9 is a different kind of request. They have a system which is in place but is falling apart. If your barn is full of hay, livestock and equipment which need to keep dry…you need a sound roof to protect your investment. Once the mold and rot start, you can’t outrun them unless you take action. You and I both know that you can’t keep running your business without maintenance.

SD9 is no different. They need funding to protect our most valuable crop…our kids. The infrastructure of this District is in trouble and gets worse as the years pass. This funding will allow them to make necessary repairs and improvements. No bells. No whistles. The District has a record of actively seeking ways to keep bond expense to taxpayers as low as is possible.

This time their efforts include matching funds from a State of Oregon Grant. They have worked hard to put together a bond request which will have minimal impact on your tax bill. It’s time for us to protect our investment with a yes vote on the May 17 ballot.

Linda Shaffer