Lighting Up Tillamook County – North County Light Parade Dec. 19th

The North County Holiday Light parade was put together by a team of community members in North County and everyone jumped in to assist. Here’s the Facebook “thank you” from organizer Kris Troutman: “I hope Santa is checking his list!!! Because these people all deserve to be at the top of the “Nice” column! Tim Troutman, David Troutman, Megan Troutman, Nick Smith, Wyatt Smith, Amber Smith, Travis White, Nehalem Fire Dept, Breanna Stephens, Gayle Stephens, Lance Stockton, Michelle Stockton Chesnut, Jake Bruns, Kayleen Bruns, Scott DeLoe, Ryan and Jacque Vandecoevering, Brad Kjenslee, Bridget Kjenslee, Chris and Renee Bennett, Emily S Hanscom, Joe and Mia Burch, Kelly Thayer, Kristi Beach Woika, Walter Mills, and Santa!!!!! These people made last night the best we’ve had in a loooong time!!! Heartfelt thank yous to all of you!!! Merry Christmas!!!” AND, the show went on during a classic North Tillamook County December wind/rain storm – so folks were in their cars viewing the parade -honking and more as the parade made it’s way from Hwy. 53 through Nehalem and Manzanita. Thank you Troutmans and community! What’s a little wind and rain – the light parade goes on! Photos by Don Backman. Video from Ania Tonjes T-Spot, Manzanita.