Live Well – National Diabetes Prevention Program Orientation Feb. 4 or Feb. 6 – Join local group to learn about healthy foods, activities

Tillamook County Family YMCA in partnership with Northwest Senior and Disability conducted their third full year National Diabetes Prevention Program – Live Well in December of 2020.  Over 20 people registered at the end of January 2020.  Even with the pandemic, which made the class go from in person to over the phone after only two months, 12 participants stayed connected throughout the program.  These twelve participants lost a total of 153 pounds or an average of 13 pounds each;  and increased their physical activity to a total of 5416 minutes per week or an average of 451 minutes per week! 

Kudos to Galena Flores, their Lifestyle Coach, who kept the group connected and inspired! 
2020 DPP Live well program participants Joyce and Russell Huswaite who participated in the 2020 National DPP exercising and the YMCA’s Enhanced Fitness class. (Provided photo)

We are planning to start a new cohort in February.  Please join us for an in person at the YMCA or virtual via zoom orientation February 4th at noon in English:  or 
Saturday February 6th at 10:15 am in Spanish:  
Programa Nacional de Prevencion de la Diabetes Orientacion
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