LOCAL GIFTING GUIDE: Give the Gift of Healing – Cosmic Healing NW

Cosmic Healing NW is an energetic healing practice specializing in helping you and your animals heal on a deeper level. From stress and anxiety to autoimmune and other pain conditions, using a combination of reiki, sound healing and crystal therapy, Christy Kay takes great joy in being witness to your healing. We are all energy. When in a healthy state, we are energy in motion. Sometimes our energy doesn’t flow in a healthy way, especially during times of stress or grief. This will lead to physical illness, emotional and mental distress and spiritual disconnection. Reiki has been shown in many recent studies to help promote relaxation and activate innate healing. Sound Healing uses specific vibrations to bring your body back into its natural rhythms and releases stress and other heavy emotions creating more health and wellness in your life. There are also many recent studies showing sound healing and cymatics are very important for cell healing and regeneration. Crystal therapy has been used for thousands of years and works similarly to sound healing in that each crystal has a certain vibration and healing properties, these are based on how the crystal was created by earth. When placed on your body or in your energy field, you take on these healing properties.

Give the gift of light and love to your loved ones? Cosmic Healing NW has gift certificates for one-on-one RISE (Reiki, Intuitive Guidance, Sound Healing, Earth Energy (crystals and herbs)) sessions, Private Group Sound Baths (one hour sessions for two or more people with a tea offering to follow and intuitively picked crystal to take home), Infrared Sauna Rental, and Animal Healing Sessions.
Or come in and pick up a Cosmic Care Kit which includes a beeswax, herb and crystal candle, CHI tea, and reiki infused bath salts for self-care at home. We also have a wide range of crystals for sale from one-of-a-kind specimens to polished and rough stones, carvings, jewelry, singing bowls and other unique gift items. There is healing for you and your loved ones, available now, at Cosmic Healing NW, located inside Rising Hearts Studio 35840 7th St, in downtown Nehalem. Check our Facebook page @cosmichealingnw or our website at www.cosmichealingnw.com for more info