LOCAL Voters Information Forum Launches on Facebook


(Tillamook County, Oregon) MooVoter is a Resource Forum for Tillamook County voters. The Facebook group is non-partisan and does not endorse any candidate or measure. It shows each of the city races in Tillamook County, the candidates running, and it gives members the chance to ask candidates questions directly. The page also presents county races (sheriff, TPUD), state representatives and measures that will impact Tillamook County.

Each office/measure is color coded so that members can scroll and find the information they’re interested in. There is also the nifty “POPULAR TOPICS TAGS” feature. Click a tag and it gathers all posts that share that tag. For example: Manzanita Candidates have a red background. One can either scroll and find those easily, or click on the tag that says, “Manzanita.” From there they can use the comment feature to engage.

There are no endorsements made by MooVoter, however there are questions posed to candidates and opinion polls for members. MooVoter’s mission is to give information on what is on the ballots, and give members an opportunity to get to know the candidates and issues better. MooVoter gathers as much information as possible on candidates and measures. Most statements are pulled from FaceBook or web pages published by candidates, news outlets, etc. All candidates are sent a notice that they have been included and a request to contribute a statement, unless they cannot be located. MooVoter is an opportunity to go beyond polarizing issues or party affiliation and learn first hand about local candidates, and how they intend to govern.
The rules are simple: You may respond to candidate threads with questions, endorsement, or opposition. Please be respectful in your language. No party politics. No trolls. #BeKind

Join the conversation (or observe) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MooVoter/