Logan Laity is an Opportunity for HD 32


Logan Laity is an opportunity for all of the citizens living in State House District 32.

Logan is knowledgeable: He has taken the time to meet a broad range of District 32 voters and ask them, “What are the issues most important to you?” He has the curiosity to attend meetings with a wide variety of community groups where he learns about their focus, their challenges, and their opinions for solutions. He is well versed in the ways of the Oregon Legislature through formal education, local and state political affiliations, and direct lobbying of the Oregon Legislature.

Logan is energetic: He brings the enthusiasm and passion needed to spend the time required for issue research, issue debate, outreach to constituents, and policy formulation.

Logan is all about community: He will be a representative for everyone in District 32. He will include everyone in issue definition and problem solution building.

Logan is the opportunity for District 32 to be represented by someone with broad views, out-of-the-box thinking skills, and a focus on how best to serve the entire District 32 community.

Logan is the opportunity District 32 needs to meet the future. Please join me in voting for opportunity — Vote for Logan Laity House District 32 Representative.


Ruth LaFrance
Tillamook, OR