Lower Nehalem Watershed Council Speaker Series: Lower Nehalem Rapid Bioassessment with Jeremy Lees Virtual Presentation March 18th

What is the Lower Nehalem Rapid Bioassessment?

On March 18th, 2021 the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council is excited to host Jeremy Lees as he presents Bio-Surveys LLC’s findings from the Lower Nehalem Rapid Bioassessment and Limiting Factors Analysis.

A Rapid Bio-Assessment Inventory (RBA) for Salmonids was conducted by Bio-Surveys LLC within the Lower Nehalem watershed during the summers of 2018 and 2019. A total of 202.2 stream miles were snorkeled, encompassing all mainstem and tributary habitats exhibiting anadromous potential from the confluence with the Pacific Ocean to the confluence of Humbug Creek (RM 34.7). The intent of this project was to quantify distribution and relative abundance of all salmonid species within the range of anadromy during summer pinch period low flow regimes. Additionally, spawning gravel abundance estimates and anchor site identifications (LFA Lite) were included along with an inventory of thermal refugia within the lower 34.7 miles of the mainstem Nehalem. In this presentation Jeremy will review their findings and discuss the watershed’s strengths and challenges.

“The prioritizations based on this RBA are central to the LNWC’s current work,” says Zac Mallon, the LNWC’s Coordinator. “It helps us focus our outreach and spending on places where our work can have the most impact.” Since 2019 the LNWC has implemented large wood placements in two of the prioritized stream segments, has secured funding for 2 more prioritized segments, and are developing additional projects all based on the RBA!

Jeremy Lees is the owner and operator of Bio-Surveys LLC. Jeremy has been with Biosurveys for 13 yers. Over those years he has co-authored several RBA reports, conducted inventories across over 1000 miles of Oregon’s rivers and streams. This experience gives Jeremy a wealth of direct experience with salmon habitat and directly monitoring the impacts of restoration activities.

The talk will be hosted on Zoom. You can find the link at https://lnwc.nehalem.org/?page_id=732 or on the event at www.facebook.com/lnwc1. You can also contact the watershed council at lnwc@nehalemtel.net.

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Event Information: This event is FREE and open to the public. Find more information on our speaker series and the links for access on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lnwc1).

Time & Agenda:

7:00 PM Presentation

8:30 PM Adjourn