Madame Zia’s Horoscope for the Month of April 2021

By Madame Dana Zia
Welcome to the very first of Madame Zia’s monthly horoscopes. I’m thrilled to bring this new energy to my astrology column! Your horoscopes are meant to be a guide and focus on intent, not hard and fast advice. This is a general horoscope, written for your Sun sign, a generalization of your chart. Kind of a one size fits all sorta thing. If what I wrote doesn’t resonant with you, don’t be too concerned, as everyone has an individual star story and one size does not fit all! If you know your Moon or Rising Sign, feel free to read those too and find what applies to you. And if you want a more in depth look into your personal star story, please schedule a reading with me! You will enjoy getting to know yourself deeper and find inspiration in it. Contact me through my website, or my email Have a starry month, Earthlings!

This is YOUR month, Aries, with lots of action in your sign–your favorite game! The Sun and Venus travel together in Aries with Mercury hot on their heels, which make this your month to power-up! Venus and the Sun enjoy each other’s company and this mirrors in your life with good times and projects that fire you up. The Full Moon on March 28th was a little tough as the Sun and Venus were conjunct Chiron, the asteroid that represents our tender wounds. This could have brought up some old skeletons that you thought you’d put to rest, but they got out of the grave and rattled your life. Realize that these issues came to light so that you can clean them and have more fulfilling relationships. It’s a good thing in the long run, you just need to slow down and address them as Chiron will continue to apply pressure here while it transits your sign the next few years. Once you clean that messy business up, you’ll have lots of energy and joy to spread around. On the New Moon in Aries on the 11th, you will be lifted up with fresh ideas for meaningful projects. When the Sun leaves Aries on April 20th you might experience a drop in drive, but if you get momentum on your projects before that, the spring energy will carry you through. This is your season! Let the games begin!

April is a big month for the bulls! Saturn and Jupiter are squaring Taurus this year, which started at the first of the year. Uranus is also slowly crunching through Taurus, upsetting the apple cart for the comfort loving bovines. More on this another time as we have lots of other transits to cover! (If you are a Taurus, and feeling discombobulated, I recommend a reading with me.)
The first part of the month is normal grazing for Taurus. The action starts on April 12th when the Moon enters Taurus and conjuncts the change agent Uranus. Suddenly the grass looks greener on the other side, and restlessness ensues with desires coming to the forefront. Thankfully that passes somewhat quickly by the 14th, leaving you pondering whether you are comfortable or not. A Taurus really only acts on change if they’re uncomfortable, so this is a deep contemplation. Flowers, food, frivolities, and fun are on the ticket with Venus floating into Taurus on the 14th, where she’ll be till next month. Beware of over indulging during this transit, but with some discipline you will enjoy the delicious energy Venus brings to Taurus. Mercury also moves through Taurus starting on the 19th, grounding good ideas into plans, so jot them down to keep them safe. The Sun moves into this earth-loving sign on the 20th, building Taurus energy up to meet with the powerful super Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th. This might be a good day to lay low with a loved one and gaze upon the Moon and feed each other grapes. All this action adds up to good vitality and high spirits to get your winter doldrums off the couch and back into action.

This light-footed sign has Mars transiting it till April 23rd. Most of the time Mars is in Gemini it trines with Jupiter, magnifying its energy in such a way that will tickle the fancy of Geminis. Mars is the planet of action and vitality and when in Gemini, it stirs the soul of the twin to get moving on all the ideas that have been bouncing around in your busy bee brain all winter. This transit started back in March, so seize the opportunity: choose a few of the ideas that are most important for you to act on and go for it! Most humans have over 60,000 ideas a day buzz through their brain, but I think Geminis have more like 160,000. One of the primary objectives that a Gemini needs to learn is how to manage their brain. This transit is worth moving on, as it gives traction to the Gemini that can get their tires spinning with trying to do too much. April 16th and 17th the Moon transits your sign and the North Node of the Moon. These days are particularly potent to focus on thoughts you want to guide you into your future. Think your actions you are going to take as a gift to your future self. A Gemini simply hates that they can’t do it all. But once they embrace that, they can really actualize their designs, particularly with Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter.

The beginning of April is going to be pretty chill for you, dear Cancer. Enjoy the friendly water of this time to swim towards your goals without a lot of undercurrents from the stars. Starting on the 17th, the waxing crescent Moon will move into Cancer for a few days and bring up all the feels that a Cancer is so famous for. Make a point of getting out and gazing at the Moon. Notice all the feelings it brings up for you. Let these feelings guide towards your desires like a boat down a gentle river. Come April 23rd, Mars moves into Cancer and this is most excellent for this gentle sign. Are there some boundaries you need to work on? If so, you’ll have the next 6 weeks to let Mars’ strong force to give you the crab claws you need to create some borders. This is also a powerful time to have the difficult conversations that you’ve been avoiding. It’s like having a fighter in your corner giving you advice on how to handle the areas in your life you’ve been letting yourself get walked on. Mars will give you a boost of confidence and charm to make the changes that you know you need to!

With the return of the light, you’re feeling more alive since you are so Sun driven. This is a welcome boost after the long dark winter and lots of pressure on the Zodiacal Cat from some of the big outer planets. Leo has been particularly affected by Jupiter and Saturn transiting Aquarius right across from your sign. Uranus is also squaring the fun-loving lion, which is stirring the pot and causing feelings of restlessness and a strong desire to change the way your life is structured. On April 6th and 7th this feeling will be heightened as the Moon conjuncts with Saturn and Jupiter and amplifies it all. Take special notes on those days as that is the sundial for what is going on for you to handle. You will do well to listen to your instincts this month, as they are like the Sun and will guide you through the bog safely. April 20th and 21st with the Moon in Leo, you will feel a breath of fresh air return to your sunny disposition. Make sure to take special care of your feline heart and weave playfulness into your everyday life during this time. That brings your light back into focus. (Not all Leos are experiencing this, but if you are feeling like your days are mostly cloudy right now, I recommend getting an astrology reading from me.)

Virgo is experiencing a pleasurable month with one of Virgo’s favorite asteroids Vesta transiting your sign. Vesta is the largest asteroid in the Solar System and is named after the goddess of the hearth and keeper of the flame from Roman mythology. Her job was to tend the fires in the temple and keep them burning always. Vesta’s primary energy is devotion, commitment, and service to Spirit. With Vesta in your sign for the next few months, it’s a great time to take stock of how you are caring for your hearth and inner temple. The Moon conjuncts Neptune on the 8th and 9th while opposing Virgo, which is a time you could find yourself wondering who you are and why you were dropped down on this planet. If you do not resist the dreamy energy, you will find your true center in slowing down and spending some time doing nothing. Yes, I said nothing. No easy task for a Virgo, but very inspiring. It will help you remember what you really desire, not what propels you by guilt or shame. April 22nd and 23rd the Moon transits Virgo and connects you with the Earth, your center. Go Moon gaze and drink in the beauty to fill up your soul with all that juicy Virgo energy that is so easy to give away to work.

April is a powerful month for the relationship-loving sign. The first of the month is illuminated with the Sun and Venus traveling through Aries right across from you. This can bring harmony into your relationships with a little bit of weeding in the garden of love. What weeds have started to grow that you turn a blind eye to? Those are illuminated by this transit for you. Put on your gardening gloves and get to work! Then, on April 10th to 12th, the New Moon in Aries gives you the ability to start fresh with your newly weeded garden and plant the seeds that you want to grow. Consciously choose those seeds and sow them now. By the 20th, when the Sun moves into Taurus, you will have a gentle breeze blowing through your garden: an easeful and restful time after all your hard work. Slow down to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The waxing Full Moon will move through Libra at the end of the month on the 24th and 25th, bringing a favorable wind and joy. Take advantage of the end of the month to get things done and continue to garden the relationships in your life that need tending.

This is a potent month for diving deep into the areas of your life that might need a makeover. The first of the month flows right along as expected until April 12th to 13th when the New Moon, just a few days old, will conjunct Uranus right across from Scorpio. This is when you will feel the desire to change up things that are not working well in your life. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Make a plan (Scorpios love a plan) to navigate the changes gracefully. Venus will move into Taurus on the 14th and beam some yummy “let’s have some deep intimate time” into your life. She’ll definitely get your Scorpio passions flowing. This might bring up some relationship issues that need to be tended to, but the energy will be juicy and create the right environment for working through those issues together. Particularly since Mercury is hot on Venus’ heels and shows up for the Taurus party on the 20th, encouraging deep transformative conversations. All of this powerful energy culminates on the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th to 27th, which is opposing the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The desire you felt for changing things earlier gets recharged, and if you made a plan of action, you will find it of great service now. This also is a time to let things flow in your life and not hold onto things that aren’t working. Remember, Scorpios are all or nothing creatures, so when you dive head long into your needed changes, make sure and choose to be kind to all around you and, most importantly, yourself. (Scorpios are in the fire right now as all fixed signs are. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your emotions and feel like things are falling apart, a reading with me might really help guide your through the rubble)

This month could be an emotional one for you, questers of quests. The month starts out with a strong emotional note when the Moon conjuncts the South Node of the Moon in your sign. This combined with Mars conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Gemini will have the usual jovial Sagittarius feeling the feels. Some ghost from your past might pop up during this time and visit you as well. Moon conjunct Neptune squaring your sign on April 9th will bring dreams of traveling and adventures to stir your soul and possibly buy a plane ticket. Mars in Gemini keeps beaming you strong energy throughout the month to communicate all those things that have been unsaid, so you might find yourself seeking out conversations that you have been avoiding, particularly on the 16th when the Moon joins Mars. Remember to keep your words kind and not full of arrows as a Sagittarius can do when under pressure. The end of the month starts out like the beginning, with the Moon returning to your sign and conjuncting the South Node of the Moon on the 28th and 29th. The feelings might flood back in again and bring with it gratitude for all the places you’ve been and people you’ve known.

This year seems mild to last year’s avalanches for the sure-footed Capricorn. Nonetheless some of the old drama from last year might visit on the 3rd and the 4th, when the Moon crosses into Capricorn and taps Pluto on the shoulder to make sure he isn’t asleep. (After all he moves so SLOW!) Keep your feet under you, dear Capricorn, your Pluto lessons should be well learned by now and you know just what to do. April 10th to 14th brings Venus and the Sun squares Pluto on the New Moon, and that will certainly get Pluto’s attention if nothing else will! Passions run high, even for the grounded Capricorn. Take deep breaths and don’t let your mind (or your feet) run away with you conjuring up ideas that aren’t true, particularly in relationships. Let go of trying to control so much and allow transformation to take place. This is a powerful time to turn over a new leaf and let go of limiting laws that you have feeling cornered. Stick to the facts and create time for self-care that grounds and centers you. The month wraps up with Pluto getting sleepy after his encounter with the Sun and Venus and going back into a slumber (retrograde) on the 28th. Things calm down and you enjoy the view from atop your favorite mountain, feeling reborn.

This year started out with big and wild winds for you, dear Aquariuses, though things have been settling down of late. You’re beginning to understand the air currents of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and how to ride them with your wings. The Moon will come visit these two planets on April 5th and 6th, bringing new information and ideas from them. This is a powerful time for you. These transmissions are transformative, so listen to what the wind says on these days. Jupiter will be inhabiting your sign till May when it steps out for a few months. Take advantage of this big wind to fill your sails up and power towards your goals. On April 14th, Venus will float into Taurus and square Aquarius. This will bring a month of opportunity for you to focus on inviting more harmony and peace into your life, even if it’s with a bit of turbulence. Mercury joins the party on the 19th and grounds your ideas into practical plans with more focus. Venus conjunct Uranus on the 22nd galvanizes you into action to change something that has been difficult and to make your life more easeful and gentle. A busy and stimulating month ahead for you: if you keep your wings and your mind open! (Aquariuses are in a challenging couple years. If you’re feeling it, a reading with me might be a big help!)

April is a creative and beautiful month ahead for the gentle Fish! It starts with you swimming into a dreamy pond where you may get lost for a while. This is due to Neptune that is transiting your sign (VERY SLOWLY) square Mars in Gemini. This square creates the perfect pool for the Pisces to forget what they were doing and where they were going. They might even wonder who they are and why they are here. Even though this is a thought they visit often, Pisces are the merge masters and can easily lose themselves in the rough waters of the world, but it is even more captivating on the 9th through the New Moon on the 11th. Instead of struggling up stream, give into your higher nature and find this as a very valuable time to swim into those creative projects that are calling. When the Moon conjuncts Mars on the 16th, you will be impressed with time well spent in your creative beautiful world. Mars will move into Cancer on the 23rd and the river will call again for you to swim out of your creative eddy. Then you will pick up speed and remember your other life in the real world. Do not judge yourself dear fish, this is one of the hallmarks of your beautiful sign, to lose yourself in the creative world and bring Spirit into matter for all of us to enjoy.