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Manzanita City Hall Project Presentation & Survey – We Want to Hear from You!

The City of Manzanita would like to invite you to view and comment on the draft site plans for the City Hall Project.

Having listened and read the input submitted by the public, Bearing Architecture has drafted 3 separate concept site plans/options for the new city hall.

There is a short presentation to watch, and a short survey with images to review. We would like to hear your thoughts, questions, and/or ideas on the 3 images presented.

The images are not final and simply draft/concept site plans for how the new Manzanita City Hall can be built. Bearing Architecture will use the information gathered from this survey to begin the concept design process.

This survey will be available until Wednesday, October 19th at 5pm. The survey link:
Once again, we would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts during this crucial process.