Manzanita Cracks Down on Illegal Short-Term Rentals

By Dave Dillon, North County News
On Friday, Feb. 23, the Manzanita Municipal Court imposed a hefty penalty on a homeowner who had rented out a house in Manzanita for several years without obtaining a city short-term rental permit, or paying the required Transient Lodging Tax to the city.
The homeowner was facing penalties totaling $3,730,500; however the judge suspended about 99% of that amount, and the homeowner was ordered to pay $52,994.26.

Class C infractions include advertising a home that does not have a permit, also renting a home that does not have a permit. Each day of advertising or renting is a separate infraction. Thus, advertising and renting for one day can earn a civil infraction of at least $1,000 per day.
Violation of any city ordinances in the future could trigger imposition of the full $3.73 million amount.