Manzanita Mayor Outlines Costs for Proposed Community, City Facilities

By Mike Scott, Mayor of Manzanita
Manzanita voters have questions about what it will cost to build an 11,776 square foot facility that will meet our long term needs for city facilities, council chambers, and emergency hub. After much work, with engineers and architects working on numbers over the past two years, we estimate it might cost up to five hundred dollars per square foot to build. We will need additional funds for asbestos abatement and demo of the existing structure. And furniture will also be required.

Figures in the finance chart include a 20% contingency. With careful planning, it will not need to be spent. We are asking voters to approve a general obligation bond for up to 6.5 million dollars to augment other funds already set aside. These are estimates; when we issue the bonds next year rates may differ and the total dollar amount could be less. But right now interest rates are at historic lows. With luck, rates will stay low and the economy will cool off by next summer, allowing us to build at a lower cost.
We currently enjoy one of the lowest property tax rates in Oregon at 42 cents per $1000 of assessed value. This bond issue could add up to 50 cents more. If you have a house assessed at $400,000 that would be $200 more per year or $16.66 a month. (Remember, that is Tillamook County’s assessment, far less than the actual sales value of your home.) With historically low interest rates and consensus from all five members of the City Council, this is the time to act! I ask for your Yes vote on Tuesday, November 5th.
Cost and revenue estimates for construction of 11,776 square foot building to house Manzanita city facilities, emergency hub, police station, council & court chamber, and public meeting area
Demo of existing structure – $100,000
Asbestos abatement $88,000
Furnishings ($15/sq.ft) $176,640
Estimated construction $5,888,000
Total cost estimate $6,252,640
20% contingency $1,250,528
Total planning needs $7,503,168
2019 timber sale $400,000
Current city hall sale potential $450,000
Reserved Expansion funds $153,168
Total other revenue sources $1,003,168
General Obligation Bond $6,500,000
Total Funding needs $7,503,168

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