Manzanita’s Multi-Purpose Facility

As a twenty-seven year full time resident of Manzanita I wish to propose that we SLOW DOWN rather than rush ahead to approve the upcoming bond issue.
Many of the reasons for a new modern facility are warranted but there is no urgency to saddle the property owners with 30 years of debt where there may be viable and practical options that would accomplish these.
I have not managed my life, personal and business, by going hellbent forward with expensive and unnecessary projects when a reasonable viable option is available and practical.

It is my suggestion that there be a formal presentation of options at a public meeting. I know the council has held many meetings on this issue but I am unaware of any where those options have be debated. It is doubtful that eight of ten residents have any idea what is available. Promote this where all will have that opportunity to compare and give their input.
The council has held many meetings but most residents have not attended nor were these meetings where details of possible options were presented by all parties. There does not need to be a rush but give these options time to be prepared and thoughtfully considered.
This is a major step for Manzanita so I encourage that we SLOW DOWN and publicly review any and all options. There is at least one viable, to me, and a far less costly one and there may be others. There is a time to do this right and thus no rush to vote for this bond. This meeting could be conducted early in 2020.
Our residents deserve this.
I encourage a NO vote on this bond.

Denny Jones, Manzanita