Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner

We support Mary Faith Bell for the position of Tillamook County Commissioner. Mary Faith demonstrates the best in local politics. She thoroughly understands the challenges that Tillamook County faces. Her approach to meeting these challenges is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, listen carefully to make sure she knows all the facts, and bring creative, but realistic, solutions to the table. She is a visionary, looking out to what Tillamook County will look like 20 years from now, and a realist who knows that tradeoffs are necessary.

Mary Faith’s commitment to Tillamook County is evidenced by her decision to spend campaign funds locally, even when it is more expensive. She knows that our non-tourist businesses rely on residents to support them. She has also raised almost all of her campaign funds directly from local citizens. Her opponent has received most of his campaign money from a real estate PAC, and he chose to buy many of his campaign materials from out-of-state firms.

Mary Faith has a long list of accomplishments and service to our communities. She has served on several local boards, including being elected to the TBCC Board of Education twice. She was appointed to the County Tourism Advisory Committee by the county commissioners, and she serves on the Tillamook Area Chamber board.

As director of Communications and Marketing for the Tillamook Regional Medical Center, she has gained in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges surrounding rural health care, an issue of deep concern to many. Her previous work as editor of the Tillamook Headlight Herald gives her a broad outlook on the county. We need a commissioner who can effectively manage the wide variety of issues that come before the commission, and Mary Faith’s resume gives us confidence that she will take many viewpoints into consideration and work with other commissioners to develop the best solutions for Tillamook County.

Please join us in marking your ballots for Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner.

Jenny Greenleaf and Tom Cocklin