Mary Faith Bell Gets My Vote

Tillamook County has the opportunity to broaden the view and the effectiveness of the Board of County Commissioners in the current election. With Tim Josi’s retirement, we are left with a South and Central County resident; a Realtor; a Certified Public Accountant, a combined BOCC experience of 8 years, a relatively “less-experienced” board compared to what we’ve known; seemingly, a reluctance to be accessible to all parts of the County, and last but not least, two men.

Mary Faith is from North County and you only need to have watched her campaigning since the Primary Election, to see that she is accessible to all, an engaged listener, and knows people and issues up and down this County. As a single, working mother of a son now in college, she has honed a skill set that is capable of producing results while being sensitive to others. Her professional positions, such as with the Headlight Herald and Tillamook Regional Medical Center have provided her with a working knowledge of critical issues for Tillamook County and its people. She is inspired by serving others and walks her talk through her volunteerism on various boards and her participation at local meetings. Mary Faith is a smart, energetic woman of integrity, and capable of working with the other two Commissioners to solve Tillamook County problems.

Please join me in voting for Mary Faith as our next County Commissioner.

Debbie Moberly