Master Recyclers recognized at Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meeting Jan. 8th

At the January 8, 2019 meeting the Tillamook County Solid Waste’s Advisory Committee (SWAC) were treated to a slide show presentation of the year’s involvement of the Master Recycler volunteer program and the awarding of the volunteer of the year.
“This year, our 26 members volunteered over 1100 hours,” states Sue Owens, Tillamook County Outreach and Education Specialist and coordinator of the Master Recycler program, “it is still a young program, but I feel this year marks a definite growth as their activities resulted in more than double previous years involvement.” Highlighted during the presentation was the fact that seven members have donated over 100 lifetime hours and two have donated over 200. “This may not seem like much to an established program,” states Owens, “but it’s a milestone for us and I’m incredibly proud of this group and their accomplishments.”

Master Recyclers can volunteer their time in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to managing the community recycling trailer, working at the hazardous waste events, mixing paint, working at public outreaches, helping with school outreaches, and teaching craft classes. “There is almost no limit to what can be done,” says Owens adding, “in fact, the recent efforts to ban single-use plastic bags in Tillamook County is being led by a Master Recycler.”

At the SWAC meeting, Owens recognized 2018 Master Recycler of the year and noted that every individual in the group was valuable and that she and Solid Waste Program Manager, David McCall had a hard time narrowing down the three winners. Recognized for their various efforts and dedication, the following individuals were acknowledged for their outstanding contributions in 2018: Beverly Stein, Georgeanne Zedrick, and Steven Kershaw.
“Everyone who has worked with volunteers knows how rewarding it is to have a group of folks who are eager and enthused to be involved. Volunteers are the backbone of many an organization, including this one.” Owens adds, “I am so proud to get to work with this group. Every one of them is valuable and an integral part of the success of the program. It’s not a matter of what you do, or how much, but who you are and how willing you are to fill the spaces you can. The friendships that have been made with each and every individual are without value.”
For those interested in joining the Master Recycler team, the next class is scheduled for February 9, 14, and 15. For additional information, contact Owens at 503-815-3975 or

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