May the Forest Be With You book release May 12th at Hoffman Center

Save the date of May 12 for the book release celebration of May the Forest Be With You”, a project of Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection.  The Hoffman Center for the Arts will be the setting as the creation of 24 different local artists, writers, scientists and musicians will be released for sale for the very first time from 7 – 9 pm on Friday May 12th.

May the Forest Be With You celebrates forests and trees, and shines light on the consequences of logging as it is currently practiced on habitat for fish, birds, animals and humans. The enormity of the devastation to local forests through clear cutting and spraying has been the focus of RBCWP for five years.

The book was created when local writers were invited to write about trees and forests. The writings were shared with local artists to be illustrated. Submissions include works by Robert Adams, Lloyd Lindley, Nancy Webster, Joan Cutuly, Roger Dorband, and many others. The result is a beautiful tribute to our forests.

The event will include book sales, display of the artist’s originals, readings by the writers, and music by Sonya and Fred, as well as the Rhythm Method, a local improv band. Join us for an inspirational evening.

Pelican Brewing beer will be available.