Meditation Series Offered at Hoffman Center Beginning in October

A six-week meditation series offered by the Art of Aging/Art of Dying will begin on Sunday, Oct. 4, at 9 a.m.
The series is open to experienced meditators as well as beginners. The group will explore several different types of meditation practices, including guided meditations, mantras and breath focus.
There also will be discussion of ways meditation helps bodies and minds. Multiple studies have shown that by reducing stress, meditation can help with age-related issues such as poor sleep, anxiety, memory loss and high blood pressure.

Chairs will be provided, but attendees can bring yoga mats or meditation cushions if they prefer. If you have physical constraints, you can meditate in the sessions sitting, lying down or standing, whatever is most comfortable.

Due to social distancing requirements for indoor events, class size will be limited to 10 people. Pre-registration at is required, because of the restricted class size. The cost for the series is $25.

The class will have multiple instructors, each with experience teaching different meditation styles. For further information, contact